A disability caused by illness or injury or even birth can have a devastating effect on an individual, especially if the disability could prevent them from walking or moving about. Having some sort of mobility during a trying time can help with healing. This is why it is important to let that individual know he or she can choose the mobility device best suited to his or her needs.

Wheelchairs, today, have changed tremendously. Depending on the individual and the physical disability they have, there are a variety of wheelchairs available.

A standard wheelchair is built for a normal sized-person. Mobility is much easier. Transport wheelchairs are light weight, usually foldable and normally used for transfers of patients. Power wheelchairs are motorized and tend to be specifically for those with limited mobility to help them feel some sort of independence. Bariatric wheelchairs are designed to suit the needs of a larger person, and has a 300-900 pound weight limit.

There are also reclining wheelchairs, lightweight and ultra lightweight wheelchairs, and active/sport wheelchairs.

Wheelchair accessories are available to meet every need.

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